Catching Up

I had no intention of not posting a blog post for months but the summer seems to have whisked me away and I’ve been, frankly, very lazy! I couldn’t possibly list everything we’ve done, and I wouldn’t bore anyone with it either, but here’s a few things we’ve been getting up to… Many, many sunny … More Catching Up

Work Widow

This weekend Hubby had to go in to work and stay in London on Saturday and Sunday night and work very late. The grandparents stayed over Friday night as Daddy and Grandad had a trip booked for Saturday morning so me and the girls spent most of the day with Nana which was nice, then … More Work Widow

New Things

I’ve been trying to thin out our possessions and toys since we moved and we’ve shifted some stuff but have plenty more left. Despite this, I still can’t resist a bargain or something I think the girls will love, though I try not to buy them new things too often outside of birthdays and Christmas. … More New Things

Steaming Along

Summer has well and truly hit us. Last Monday was hot enough for me, and the girls spent the day in and out of the paddling pool and garden but Tuesday came round and upped the ante again. We tried to spend some time outside in the early morning and by midday we hid inside. … More Steaming Along

Plane Annoying

Our house now is pretty much underneath the flight path for an airport and next weekend it will be the Farnborough Air Show. Since December the novelty of spotting a plane preparing to land or having just taken off has not worn out and I hear “Look mummy, a plane” about three hundred times a … More Plane Annoying

New Experiences

We’ve had a few new experiences recently, nothing major but nonetheless important. Last week DD1 had her first trip to the dentist, something I purposefully left until she was gone 4 because she just would not have sat still in a chair and let a stranger look in her mouth. DD2 at just over 3 … More New Experiences

Portchester Castle

To continue our theme from last week I decided to take a trip to Portchester Castle on Tuesday and meet up with my parents in the afternoon. I haven’t been for ages, easily ten odd years, and only went once before on a school trip when I was about eleven or twelve, so I was looking forward … More Portchester Castle